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The Ute Sac™ by Wallaby Track is a solution to most storage issues on a tray back ute.

  • Waterproof* and Dustproof
  • Made from heavy duty rip stop UV treated tonneau vinyl.
  • Lightweight Aluminium frame that can be assembled and disassembled in minutes
  • Easy to pack gear into (size pictured will fit into any dual cab tray 1750mm x 1250mm x 250mm holds 4 large suitcases)Ute Sac
  • Easy glide zip with covered velcro flap to stop dust ingress.
  • D ring tie points at the bottom allow the The Ute Sac™ to be fixed at the bottom so top flap can be easily accessed
  • D ring tie points at the top allow the top flap to be secured tightly for big loads over road roads
  • The aluminium frame and support bars means the The Ute Sac TM holds it shape empty, partially or completely full unlike other storage bags
  • Made in Australia which means it can be custom made to virtually any size you require

The beauty of the The Ute Sac™ is that you still have versatility in the tray. It can be fitted when you need it and removed and packed away when you don't. For example it could sit alongside a toolbox in the tray and taken out when it's not needed.

Ute SacGoing on a trip and can't bear the though of another hopeless flapping tarp and arrive with all the gear wet or dusty?
The Ute Sac™ will solve that as it is waterproof and dustproof.

Heading to the airport and the suitcases are going to get soaked again?
The Ute Sac™ will solve that problem.

As a tradie sick of trying to tie small items down under a useless net and worrying about the police pulling you over for not securing your load?
The Ute Sac™ will keep the gear dry, clean and safe

The Ute Sac™ is designed, tested and made in Australia which means it works and will last many trips.
It is available in different sizes.
So contact Wallaby Track today for pricing on your Ute Sac today

"Easily the best product I've seen on the market in the last few years. Kept all my gear dry and clean on a four month trip through Far North Queensland. The Mrs was very impressed. Don't know what I would have done without it" Ned Kubatka 

For more information about The Ute Sac ™ please contact Chris from Wallaby Track on 0421 819 037  

Ute Sac Ute Sac Ute Sac Ute Sac

* The Ute Sac TM is 99.9% waterproof. A small amount of seepage may occur through the top seam in extreme weather conditions.


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